Leadership Workshops

As a business consultant and trainer I have been conducting leadership workshops for many years. As in my coaching, a systemic approach and a lot of experiential elements are characteristic of my work. In my opinion, leadership is much more than just knowing the requisite leadership models. Good leadership communication is facilitated when role and function are in sync and the leader is a model for positive and acknowledging communication, even in difficult circumstances. It is part of the leaders responsibility to make and communicate hard decisions. The impact depends critically on the delivery of the message.
Motivation and development of employees are important variables for success. Softskills such as communication are often viewed as inferior to expertise and self-representation of the leaders. Leadership Workshops and Coaching often complement each other. Following a workshop, coaching can deal with the recognized individual needs.

In addition expat leaders have to deal with cultural differences regarding the perceptions and expectations directed at a leader. A leader has to develop a sensitivity for the different culture, find the common ground and bridge differences. We take our cultural standards for granted and have internalized them during our life experience. They are the cornerstone of our perception, interpretation, feelings and behavior. Recognizing and reacting to differences is the basis for a successful intercultural communication.

My leadership workshops are designed according to the needs and requirements of the customer company, they are not offered as open workshops.

References Leadership Workshops (examples):
Volvo Cars Germany
Flachglas AG
Premium Loudspeakers (HuiZhou) Co. Ltd., China
GIZ (German International Cooperation) GmbH, Namibia, Ethiopia, Asia