Our package "Team Coaching" - sustainable development and high performance

Team development is not just a one day event.. To achieve sustainable, high performance results an innovative model and systemic approach are needed. 
Our Team Coaching Package regards the team as a living entity with its own character, mood and strengths - it is a self-organising system of relationships and interacting influences which affect the performance and satisfaction of individuals and of the system as a whole.

The four milestones of our Team Coaching Package:

Milestone 1: The Team Diagnostic Assessment TDATM

Milestone 2: An interactive, experiential workshop

Milestone 3: 6 month period of ongoing work with the team

Milestone 4: Post-Assessment

Results of the Team Coaching Package:

  • Optimize the human dynamics within the rteam
  • Deal with conflict creatively and proactively
  • Foster innovation
  • Helps to navigate change with agility
  • Develop strategies and structures leveraging team strrenghts
  • Create and execute concrete action plans
  • Ensure accountability

Download more detailed information here:

pdf Team Coaching Package