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Coaching Sessions:

Two main issues were defined: first, clear communication and feedback; second, define own view of personnel management and clarify differences with the director. During the first session the situation, as it was then, was rated. The coachee sets parameters for this rating which let´s her/him reflect and focus on goals for the coaching. The coachee was then asked to rate his satisfaction with the present situation on a scale from 1 to 10. This method helped set the starting point and gave a good overview of the present situation.

This process set the issue for the first session. The coachee identified his own share of the problem, looked for possible changes and worked out a plan of action for the time until the next session.

Methods used in the coaching were systemic questions, listening on different levels, clarifying and demanding, to support the coachee in his reflecting process. For homework the coachee was given a question to think about and so fulfilled the coaching circle of Issue, Identification and Action.

According to the Co-Active Coaching, the coachee was given challenges to encourage crossing self-imposed boundaries (e.g. "I cannot do this"). These challenges lead to defined actions and the agreement upon when these actions are taken satisfactorily and by when.The coaches experiences with the challenge are always talked about in the next session. In this case one of the challenges was to introduce a daily morning meeting and openly talk about all problems which occured the day before and find ways to solve and avoid these.