Workshops of the International Coaching Federation ICF since 2005,

Part of the yearly ICF Conferences are Outbreak-Sessions covering a wide range of topics. Experienced international Coaches offer their ideas and approaches in an interactive and instructive way.

Especially interesting for my work have been for example:

Shadow Coaching
Having a coach accompany a coachee during a routine working day facilitates immediate feedback after watching a situation, grounded in what the coach saw, heard and felt. Differentiating between assumptions, interpretations and facts can be critical - these can drastically influence decisions and working climate.

Coaching small businesses
For small businesses Coaching is also an investment and not a cost. This area is especially suited to save time and money by coaching: more efficiency, more capabilities, better clarified personal as well as business goals. When comparing the costs of attending a leadership workshop to that of coaching, the sustained effects and individuality of coaching has to be taken into account.

Conflict Competencies
"What is not talked about and resolved will be acted out." - this is especially true for conflict situations. Conflict competency means evolving the capability to recognize conflict early enough, talk about and resolve open and hidden conflicts in the working environment or with customers.