Coachtraining: Rauen & Steinhübel, Osnabrück University (2004)

The integrative concept by Rauen & Steinhübel offered a great chance to check my own theoretical and practical knowledge. I saw a good opportunitiy to reappraise and add to my experience.

Having worked as a business consultant for almost 20 years, including a lot of experience with individual coachings in the job environment (training- on-the job), I decided to immerse myself in all the possibilities coaching offers in a systematical, thorough way - a 5 weekends coach training. The integrative concept by Rauen & Steinhübel was offered in conjunction with the University of Osnabrueck.

The training gave a comprehensive overview regarding established methods and coaching interventions. Systemic approach, working with analog methods, conflict and provocation, analysis of organizational structure, self-reflection, Gestalt counseling and elements of the rational-emotive therapy (A. Ellis) are examples of the topics we worked with.

This methodical overview allowed me to add to my coaching tools and review my way of working.

Calling myself a professional, I hold it for granted and absolutely important that I continue to attend workshops or trainings to broaden my understanding and capabilities and to get feedback in regard to myself as a person and my coaching.