REN-Coaching Workshop, Shanghai (2006)

What is coaching like in a different cultural context? I was curious and put in an application at the International Coaching Federation for one of the rare spots in the REN-Coaching Scholarship Program, which offers a distinct approach to leadership coaching.

The concept integrates Western Thinking and Chinese Philosophy - its creator Eva Wong combines both in her life experience. Top Human, her company, very successfully worked with upcoming chinese companies.

What is special about this REN-Model?
Elements of the traditional chinese philosophy (Tao and Confucius) are combined with classical ways of questioning (why, how and with what?).
A 9-point leadership model interrelates different levels. It is a complex model, sometimes hard to grasp with our western trained minds. Our colleagues from Asia had an easier time in this workshop!
A coaching model incorporating western and eastern ideas of leadership meant for me to depart from my usual way of thinking and simultanously (re-)discover new and familar things - the same process that happens during a coaching.

What did I take home with me?
An interesting possibility to break out of our westernized thinking patterns, a deeper understanding of a foreign culture, a new fascination with China and the core belief that communication on a human level is always possible, whichever culture - we all have lots in common!